Instinct Wellness is a global curated directory of the best holistic healers, intuitives, life coaches, herbalists, shamans, priestesses, astrologers and tarot readers on the web.

We’re devoted to shining a spotlight on the best healers for your body, mind and spirit.

Carefully Curated

Find the best practitioners that are making a real impact. Trust that we’ll only list practitioners we would feel comfortable recommending to a friend.

Ratings & Reviews

If you’re having trouble choosing a practitioner, get to know them better by reading client testimonials. Think of us as the Yelp for the spiritual & wellness world.

A Global Network

Our practitioners live all over the world and the best part is, everyone offers at least one virtual service. That means you can connect with anyone you vibe with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to get listed?
– Practitioners must offer at least one virtual service that connects you directly with the client
– Practitioners must have a website that is not run through a third party (i.e. Etsy)

Does everyone who applies get listed?
We’re striving to become the go-to resource for finding wellness practitioners, which means we will not necessarily approve every application we get. We only list people we vibe with and feel comfortable recommending.

Is there a cost to get listed or to use?
Nope, it is absolutely free! However, if you feel like we’re making a difference and would like to see us grow, please consider making a donation. As you’ll notice, we do not run any advertisements and we’d like to keep it that way.

What if my services don’t fit into one of the categories listed?
If you’d like to be listed on Instinct Wellness but don’t fit into one of our categories, please contact us. We are a newly launched website and we’ll be adding new categories as we grow.

I’m part of a wellness organization/company, can I list the business?
At this time we’re focusing on individual practitioners.

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