Carrie Mallon

Proponent of creative living & tarot reader

Hey! I’m Carrie: tarot reader, mentor & ponderer of life lessons.

I am here to encourage you to live deeply, ask the right questions, navigate inner turmoil, and align with your creative bad-assery.

Stories are important. You are living an epic tale. Your life is peppered with plot twists, interesting characters, and deeply personal manifestations of universal patterns. And at the center of all of this is a constant unfolding of self-discovery.

Who are you? What gives your life meaning and texture? What themes and lessons are arising in your narrative? What helps you navigate your inner turmoil? What creative gifts stir within you? These are the sort of vital questions that I’m here to help you consider.

Through my work, I intend to provide encouraging companionship for a chapter of your adventure. You’re forever emerging into the next version of yourself. This process of self-discovery is incredible…but it can also be overwhelming! As a tarot reader and mentor, I give you solid advice and real talk (with a hint of magic, of course).


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  1. I love your readings, they are straight-forward, but caring and to the point!

    I love my reading from Carrie! Her caring and wisdom really came through. The new year reading I got from her was clear and succinct, but also had enough rich content for me to reflect on and work with for months to come. It is clear that Carrie is passionate about and committed to reading Tarot and really helping people. I will certainly return to her for future readings.


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