Connie Chapman

Life coach helping you release your limitations & live out your full potential

Hello & Welcome, I’m Connie.

I am a life coach, passionate writer and inspirational speaker.

I am on a heart-driven mission to help beautiful souls (like yourself) break free of limitation & a create a life that is filled with freedom, flow & fulfilment. I am here to guide you on the path of inner transformation and empower you to choose love over fear, serenity over struggle and to listen deeply to your divine inner wisdom.

Through my 1:1 Coaching Program, my intention is to help you discover a new way of living filled with ease and flow, where you are connected to your higher self, guided by your divine inner wisdom and living out your full potential.

At the moment there might be layers of fear and limitation getting in the way, a nasty inner critic that keeps tearing you down and patterns of self-doubt or unworthiness holding you back.

I will work with you closely to help you uncover and release everything that is blocking you from being the brightest and happiest version of yourself. Together we will unravel the habits and ways of thinking that keep you small and stuck.

I want to support you to heal your relationship with yourself, awaken your heart energy and create a life that deeply fulfils you. Discover new ways to love and care for yourself, listen to your inner voice and manifest more of what fulfils you.

As you re-connect with love and let this energy guide your life, everything begins to change. Struggle, limitation, fear and unworthiness will fall away, and are replaced by a deep inner wholeness and happiness that comes from living connected to who you truly are.

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  1. Since I’ve started working with Connie, my life has literally changed!

    Where do I even begin! Connie, is a life changer. In just three months of working with Connie I’ve done more growing, learning, discovering and stepping out of my comfort-zone than I have done in three years.

    I have taken my relationship with myself to a whole other level. I have uncovered parts of myself I didn’t know existed. I have discovered I have, at my core, an unshakeable belief in myself, what I’m capable of doing and what I’m here to do. I’ve discovered patience for and acceptance of myself, and I’ve uncovered, and learnt to tune-into and trust a level of intuition I previously didn’t believe I had.

    I started my own business and put myself out there in a way I never would have if I hadn’t been working with Connie. My day-to-day life seems to flow with so much more ease, and I am calmer, more centered, I have a more positive, compassionate and loving outlook on life.

    I wouldn’t be in this position without Connie and I am so full of gratitude to be able to gain the benefit of her wisdom, intuition, love and insight through working with her.


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