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Awaken your vitality with one-on-one herbal consultation and custom crafted plant medicine formulas. 

Kelsey Barrett is a western clinical herbalist, organic gardener, and certified yoga instructor. She believes embracing plants as part of our larger community gives us greater opportunity to reconnect to our health in meaningful ways.

Kelsey’s clinical herbal practice combines her philosophy of simplicity and client empowerment towards optimal health. Using pulse and tongue diagnosis, we create individualized herbal formulas to uproot the pathways of illness; energetic, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Working with conscious and unconscious material, sessions can seamlessly move from dream work, to practical lifestyles changes to support regaining vital health via diet. Kelsey creates a compassionate space to explore sustainable routes of transformation and healing by way of herbal, flower essences, energetic, yogic and nutritional support.

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  1. She is a true healer and a powerful guide.

    I can with absolute earnest and honesty say, my sessions with Kelsey have changed my life. In a very short amount of time, we got underneath my health issues, exploring and discovering what was at the core. And then, through her offering of challenges, skills, wise words, and herbal allies, I’ve been able to take huge strides in overcoming them. Kelsey’s sessions have given me the courage and focus to do the work. You know, the hard stuff. The dark and sticky stuff on the inside that you never seem to get around to because it’s scary.

    How does she do this? With such grace and ease! She has a softness and a confidence that feels so welcoming and disarming. She is immediately someone I feel I can open up to. Someone I can trust. She is a deep listener. She has an incredible intuition. Her plant love and knowledge is extensive.

    I can come in from the world feeling completely overwhelmed, and by the end of the session, she is able to whittle everything down to a sharp focus, support me with a tailored formula totally unique to me, and send me back out into the world feeling new and ready and inspired to be the best me.


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