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Magical immersive journeys, tarot readings, & one-on-one mentorship

The Brooklyn Fools Learning Community™ offers magical immersive journeys. These month long commitments are designed for the curious-of-heart longing to deeply transform their theoretical understanding of esoteric studies into sacred living embodiment. Participants gather weekly in a nurturing, safe environment for deep healing + empowerment. This growing community of healers, teachers, and artists explore ancient practices through intuitive ritual: meditation, sharing, movement, chant, and much more!

Jeff Hinshaw is the founder + creator of The Brooklyn Fool’s Learning Community™. He is a New York City based tarot reader, yoga teacher, + healer. He teaches workshops regularly on tarot, astrology, + the chakra system.

Jeff’s unconventional approach to the group learning environment offers a nurturing + innovative spin to esoteric studies. By offering full on immersive journeys, Jeff facilitates groups through altar building, guided meditation, creative visualizations, intuition building, intention setting, and group collaboration. His down-to-earth teaching style is accessible + helps his students to bring about radical transformation. He is passionate about working with others who want to heal their lives + the planet through holistic + spiritual methods.

Jeff offers tarot readings. These sessions are a beautiful integration for those looking to get more clear on their vision for the future. Jeff utilizes a simple 9-card reading, which maps out the blue print of the person’s life.

Jeff works with clients + students in-person from the healing center Maha Rose in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He also works with clients + students from around the world via web-chat + e-mail.

Jeff’s studies include: Chakra Therapy Psychology of the Chakra System with teacher Anodea Judith, author of Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind. He also has over 500 hours of yoga teacher training from the Wilmington Yoga Center in North Carolina +  Greenhouse Holistic in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He holds a BA in Psychology + a BFA in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

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  1. Transformative, thoughtful and healing!

    As one of Jeff’s students in the 2016 Brooklyn Fools Tarot journey I can honestly say this immersion has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Jeff is a knowledgable and thoughtful teacher and I highly highly recommend this course. It’s not just for those who want to be tarot readers, it’s for those who are ready to explore their shadow, their light, heal wounds and examine all parts of their life.


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