Jillian Anderson

Unlocking the sacred Feminine power & healing sexual energy

Hi, I’m Jillian.

I help creative women, just like you, step into next-level Love, pleasure, and prosperity. You have self-imposed limitations that you’re here to transcend. As you peel back the layers, and step more fully into the Truth of who you are, you liberate not only yourself, but all those whose lives you touch.

I believe female leaders are weaving a new story with their work in the world. I can help you to embrace a path of ease, grace, and abundance by helping you tap into the divine intelligence of your body. I can help you to invite a higher quality of Love into your life, by learning to Love yourself as your own best friend (and Lover).

In learning to access more of your feminine essence you will naturally begin to attract exciting opportunities, bigger pay days, more fulfilling work, and the natural unfolding of your highest good in this world. You’re not here by chance.

You’ve been conditioned to believe that giving is better than receiving. We all have. It’s vital that you have access to your natural state of receptivity and surrender. It’s vital that you cultivate trust in your path and your process. It’s vital that you experience mind-bending pleasure!

Can you let life be that good to you?

Can you let it be easy?

Can you accept Universal support?

I fuse my background in yogic philosophy, energy healing, and bodywork to give you the tools and the resources you need to step into full feminine power. I am thrilled to help women feel turned on by their lives, their work, and all of their creations. I want that for you. I want you to feel highly intuitive. Tuned in and turned on.

It would be an honor to work together.


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Services & Offerings

Womb Clearing