Rebecca Conran

Intuitive energy healer & holistic life coach, based in New York

It’s hard to believe, even for me now, that for most of my life I felt directionless and depressed. Perpetually swinging from the highest highs to the lowest lows. I used sex, relationships, drugs, alcohol, eating, not eating, shopping, and work as ways to escape and avoid the dark, vast, void that I felt within myself. I had multiple failed suicide bids and all of my relationships were strained or non-existent. The saying goes that no man is an Island, yet that is exactly how I felt. I found myself as a barren desolate island surrounded by deep waters of emotion that I just couldn’t seem to navigate.

In the pursuit of my own personal healing, I found what works for me to be an amalgamation of many modalities. The healer heals themselves first and foremost. As a healing practitioner it is my goal to empower my clients as their own best healers. By channeling healing and information they need I help to support them in this, and many have gone on to become coaches and energy healers themselves. The goal with my sessions is not to come and see me indefinitely. I work to set my clients on the path to healing so that they see results through accountability and support with short term goals and long term results.

I am a certified Holistic Life & Wellness Coach (CHHC) and a certified Reiki energy healer. I received my nutritional and holistic health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I practice the Dr. Usui method of Reiki healing. I am both a Psychic Empath and a Clairsentient, meaning I have the ability to experience and feel another persons past, present or future emotional states. I am able to clearly pinpoint areas of dis-ease within the body, mind and spirit, and with my knowledge of wellness and nutrition as well as energy, I bring my clients back into balance holistically.

I only practice what I know, and what I have direct experience in healing for me personally. This makes it my pleasure to look at my clients when they are having a difficult time, and be able to say honestly, “I healed it, and I believe you can too”. I’m a prime example of a life lost then built back into a life of purpose, clarity and fulfillment. It can be hard to invest time, energy and resources into our self care and self love. Fear always leads with obstacles. If you are like me in any way, you know that the investment you make in your health and happiness, is the only thing truly worth investing in. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, I’m am here in service to your healing.

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  1. Life-changing in ways I could not have imagined!

    I came to Rebecca with issues around food and overeating. What I actually got from our sessions was more than I could ever expect. She was able to identify underlying emotional issues that I had been suppressing that had been masking itself in my eating habits.

    In dealing with these suppressed emotions I have been able to get clarity around other issues in my life that had been causing me pain, and have been dealing with them in a healthy and open way. I never imagined that our sessions could lead to these big life changes in all areas of my life that are bringing me to act in line with my highest self. It’s been a process, and Rebecca has been there with me every step of the way.

    I could not recommend her services more!


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