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Hi, I’m Rachael!

I love working with entrepreneurs and creatives, just like you, who want to find the clarity and the courage to let their magic out. I can help you feel less overwhelmed, more grounded, clear, and confident as an authentic leader in your community.

Basically, I’m a bridge between the spiritual world and the everyday business world. Whether you’re a healer who wants to step up your game on social media to attract more clients, or an entrepreneur who wants to know more about manifestation and working with your business spirit guides, I can help you integrate your business and spiritual worlds in an authentic way.

  • Do you feel called to be of greater service to the world?
  • Are you ready to step into your role as a leader in the consciousness shift that’s occurring?
  • Do you feel connected to the spiritual world, but unsure of how to leverage that connection in your business and in your life?

You have magic inside you that is waiting to come out. And you know it. You want more. You know you are part of the shift, but you’re just not sure how to jump in.

I know this place so well because I have been there. When I first started my business, I was living in a constant state of low grade panic. I was struggling, overwhelmed, and spiritually disconnected. It wasn’t until I decided to let go of what other people thought and really let my magic out and live my Soul Purpose that things started to shift.

Over the past few years, I have totally transformed my business and my life to reflect the true nature of my Soul Purpose. Since then I have made more money and grown my community faster than I ever thought possible, and I want the same for you!


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  1. Feeling strong, grounded and ready to face what lies ahead!

    Since beginning my work with Rachael, I have developed a strong inner strength, confidence and optimism, and an ability to go with the flow & not make both life & business decisions from a place of survival or desperation. Now I am able to recognize when I am being tested and to stay on my path. I still get wobbly sometimes, but my recovery is faster, and I no longer make decisions based on being knocked off my solid footing. I can recognize it, explore it, recover, and move on without it interfering with my business or happiness.

    I LOVE the feelings of positivity and optimism that result in our work. I always end sessions feeling resolved, relaxed and ready to face what lies ahead.


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