Tatiana Sakurai

Dedicated to teaching consciousness tools to lightworkers

I’m Tatiana Sakurai and I’m a teacher of Lightworkers and change agents dedicated to sharing the powerful consciousness tools that have helped me, my clients, and my students become the change they would like to see in themselves and in the world today.

I specialize not only in practicing a synergy of multiple modalities for clearing at the energetic level, but more importantly, I can teach you game-changing techniques that empower you to make a top-down shift in consciousness. Together we can and will shift ancient patterns of fear and limitation! All it takes is your willingness to let go of what no longer serves you and receive what does. Whenever you’re ready, I’m here to help!

I offer private sessions of spiritual counseling and energy work and one-on-one lessons in Lightworker tools and techniques customized to your individual desires. Private sessions and lessons are available in-person in Portland or via video or phone calls world wide. In addition to personal clearings, I also perform energetic clearing and healing for properties, spaces, pets, and even vehicles!

As a teacher, I have created several group programs that feature my unique synergistic blend of energy and consciousness tools, including comprehensive Lightworker Training courses and drop-in workshops.

As a professional priestess, I co-produce and facilitate numerous ceremonies and celebrations and offer prayer and counsel to members of the community.

I’m happy and grateful to be able to share some of the tools and techniques that have empowered me to be more of the freedom, joy, and peace that I have deeply desired to contribute to the world.  I know that I AM the contribution of this energy, and I know that you are, too!

Together we are waking up and making a difference! Thank you for being you!

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  1. Tatiana’s power knows no limitations.

    She has done work on me when I’ve been thousands of miles away and I’ve felt the healing in my heart instantaneously. She has done work on me when I’ve been in the room with her and I’ve been moved to tears and overcome with a loving peace. She combines knowledge from many disciplines in a relatable way that has had direct positive influence on my life. In the same way that applying ice and heat to a sprained ankle can get the blood flowing and encourage healing, a session with her opens up the emotional channels and gets energy moving so you can process and soldier through difficulties. I consider her an invaluable resource in the quest to become a fully-evolved human being.


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